Six of the Best: Headphones

Sp-5 3.jpg

Best newbies: Adam Audio Studio Pro SP-5

Price £499
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You probably already know that Adam Audio makes great studio monitors. For the Studio Pros, the company has partnered with Ultrasone to transfer some of that know-how to a pair of cans specifically tailored for mixing. In doing so, the company has produced our current headphone favourites and reference ’phones…

We said “The wide space is impressive, and on mixes I am currently working on, I was able to pinpoint very specific movement across the stereo image while also enjoying a delightful and full response across the frequency spectrum. Here the ’phones really did come into their own, being equally as good as my £2,000-plus monitors for mix placement and width. They aren’t the prettiest headphones out there, nor are they the cheapest, but what they do deliver is a rich mix experience and, in a sea of gimmicky releases this year, stand out as offering a straight-up and sensible experience – your mix laid bare for you to fix – all you need in great headphones.”

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