Producer Malay Reviews the ADAM SP-5

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The Los Angeles-based two-time Grammy winner is best known for his work with Frank OceanZaynLorde and Lykke Li. In 2018 he launched his own label, Britannia Row Recordings.

Malay's Picks: Hi-Fi Headphones

"Call me old school, but I’m probably part of the .01 percent of folks who still enjoy music through traditional speakers. I’ve never felt inspired to listen to or create music [through headphones], but I was pleasantly surprised to see Adam was making these; we finished production on Channel Orange on their S3H-Xs. The headphones sound right to me: nothing hyped, not compressed." ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 headphones, $499.99;

Taken from “Holiday Gifts for Audiophiles: Top Producers Review the Hottest New Products” on Billboard: