For studio monitor manufacturer ADAM Audio, the 2019 NAMM Expo was highlighted by the announcement of the T10S Subwoofer ($399US). The latest addition to the ADAM Audio family has been designed to compliment the T5V and T7V, which are award-winning, budget-conscious nearfield monitoring solutions. To be available mid-year, the T10S will allow users to enjoy the “ADAM Sound” in a 2.1 stereo system for under $799.

Also showcased at NAMM was the ADAM Audio SP-5 Studio Headphone ($499). A closed-back, circumaural headphone designed for professional monitoring and mixing, the SP-5 was developed in collaboration with Ultrasone, leveraging their S-LOGIC technology to reproduce the “ADAM Sound” in a portable package. 

The announcement of the T10S Subwoofer and arrival of the SP-5 headphone are cause for excitement around the ADAM Audio camp. David Hetrick, President of US Operations said, “we are thrilled to be answering the market’s calls for both of the T10S and SP-5, but we are really just getting started!”

The company also confirmed the continuation of the heralded S-Series and AX-Series, as well as the current lineup of subwoofers.