It’s well known that ADAM Audio is a highly respected, German manufacturer of precision studio monitors for studios of every size, shape and budget! The industry-leading research and development being done at our Berlin headquarters exemplifies the reputation of German engineering.

Aside from our time and language differences, we know that our pro audio language is also unique, so we here at ADAM Audio USA are the American voice of our Berlin partners.

We are here to supply product to our dealer partners, handle any customer service issues and promote the interests and accomplishments of so many of our users through a variety of channels.

While our main website, adam-audio.com will give you all of the deep product and technical information you may need, this website is home to our own club that we call ADAMCONNECT. Here you can check out our blog, get updates on our news feed, listen to the newest episode of our podcast, or watch one of our many how-to and tech videos. We also encourage you to reach out with your own production stories, insights or new releases you’d like to brag about! We would be thrilled to share them here and on our socials.

We at ADAM Audio USA love engaging with the recording community because it is OUR culture. Everyone here has a background in recording and music production, so we love that we get to talk about what we love with you, our customers, every day.

We have a monthly Facebook Live Music series we call the Berry Hill Sessions. We partner with other premium brands to expand our message through product demonstrations on the very sessions we are recording. It also lets us play with a TON of gear!

We are also partnering with recording schools and universities across the country with our monthly ADAMEdu events, where we dive deep into industry topics with everyone from up-and-comers to some of the biggest names in the in the modern recording landscape...who all also happen to be ADAM Audio users.

So if you are ever in Nashville, please contact us to set-up a demo of ANY ADAM monitor in our acoustically treated showroom and control room right in the heart of Berry Hill.

We hope to see you soon!